Philter Design Studios Inc. has been involved in bringing interactive content to the masses since 2001.  Starting out with a Flash design/development focus, over the years, this has evolved into development of interactive content using Flash, Adobe AIR, Silverlight and HTML5 for the web.

More recently, we have been involved in the development of apps for mobile devices including iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone 7, and Android platforms, deploying both native apps and apps using the Adobe AIR runtime.

In addition to working with top-notch agencies such as gskinner.comArchetype and BLITZ, we have developed interactive experiences for large corporations, educational institutions, startups, and government.  Recent clients include Microsoft, Alberta Education, 911 Memorial Foundation, FOX, and seekyourownproof.com.

You can also find our old Flash based portfolio site here.

Philter Blog

Climbing the App Store Charts is Easy. Making Money is Another Story.

So now that I’ve written about the harsh reality of making mobile games for the App Store, I’m going to take things a step further and try to dissect what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing your game for success in the App Store, based on my own observations and data collection. [...]

Putting New iPad Sales Numbers in Perspective

By now you’ve heard the news from Apple. 3 million NEW iPads were sold during its opening weekend. Ho hum. But wait. Let’s think about that for a moment. 3 million. In 3 days. For a product in a category that didn’t exist 2 years ago. Since Apple sells millions of units of it’s products [...]

The Harsh Realities of Making Mobile Games for a Living

Several months ago, I started down the long and treacherous road of indie mobile game development. In the beginning, my goal was to develop for as many platforms as possible. Ultimately, the lure of Apple’s App Store and accompanying iOS devices was too great to resist, so that’s where I’ve spent my focus over the [...]


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