The Grand Unveiling of Daedalus today at 2:45pm EST
July 09, 2004

I mentioned this a while back, but then it appeared to fall off the map. However, today, Grant will be unveiling some work (branded by Grant in the interim as Daedalus) we've been doing over the past couple of months (in parallel with all the project work going on). I think this will be of interest to a lot of Flash developers out there who are building Flash apps today.

If you are attending the FlashForward conference in NYC, I encourage you to go check out Grant's session at 2:45pm in the Grand Ballroom. He'll be giving a presentation on "The Essential Development Process: From Pitch to Final Product" in which he dissects his development process approach from an illustrated standpoint. At the session he will be showing the first demo using Daedalus (we actually have a cooler official name to be released tomorrow). I must say that I did learn a lot during the development process (though it is still under development), and I'm quite happy with how a lot of it has turned out.

If you're not at FFNY, stay tuned, as we'll be posting more details within the coming days...

Posted by philter at July 9, 2004 08:45 AM

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