Electrotank Pixel Cannon Game Source Code
March 09, 2004

Looks like Jesse and Jonas have linked to it already, but Jobe Makar has made the source files from his cool FF presentation available.

I noticed that there is an issue with the editor. It seems that the Flash movie scales when the window is resized, which it shouldn't (looks like the default settings might have changed between Flash Studio Pro 1 and 2). Anyway, I'm getting Jobe to update it as soon as he gets a chance. Until then, feel free to snoop around the code.

If I get some time, I'll do a write up on how it was built and some of the considerations made when I built it.

Also, check out this post on FlashKit, where Jobe discusses some of the thinking behind the game and multiplayer gaming in general. Get the inside scoop from the man himself :)

UPDATE: The resize issue has been fixed and can be downloaded from the URL above.

Posted by philter at March 9, 2004 02:21 PM

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