About Philter

Philter Design Studios was birthed in the mind of Phil Chung in early 2001 and over time has grown from a 1 person Flash development shop to a team of 4 people who specialize in Flash/Flex/AIR and Silverlight development.

Our team members have worked on projects for everyone from small businesses to large corporate clients (Microsoft, Adobe, AOL and FX Networks to name a few) and continue to develop solutions that meet the needs of our clients and their customers. We have also worked with top notch development agencies such as Blitz Agency, gskinner.com and Metaliq.

We are constantly keeping pace with new technologies and strive to expand our knowledge base in order to deliver a product that maximizes ROI for our clients. We realize that the technology is only the "means" and that the "end" is a positive user experience, leading to an increased brand awareness, ultimately leading to increased revenue.

If you are interested in discussing what we can do for you, please contact Phil at phil@philterdesign.com.