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Deploying an AIR app to Nook

Having built a prototype of my Nook game, I wanted to see how it would run on my new Nook Color. Even with the release of the Nook Tablet right around the corner, I decided it would be best to get the Color to use as the lowest common denominator. One bonus of only targeting [...]

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Open Letter to Flash

I remember the day like it was yesterday. I first saw you in 1998 while browsing the web on my 486 at home. Your clean lines and silky smooth animation were so foreign to me. The way you made me want to interact with you, more than any blue text could, even if it was [...]

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Mobile Dev Alter[native] #1 – Flash Platform

Probably the most publicized cross platform mobile dev environment has been the Flash Platform. Whether you like Flash or not, Adobe has done some serious work to add the ability to build mobile apps into their Flash dev tools. Unfortunately, a lot of people think this now means that the resulting mobile apps will have [...]

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FITC Edmonton – Why Community Matters

Coming off of FITC Edmonton this past weekend, I’ve returned to work with a renewed inspiration and excitement for what I do.  I’d like to thank Shawn, Grant and the FITC team for their part in bringing this event to Edmonton.I’ve been to a couple of large Flash conferences in the past and though they [...]

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MAX Keynote Day 1 – Amazing!

This year’s day 1 keynote was chock full of amazing stuff. Here are some of the key points for developers along with links. If you want to follow MAX with up to the minute news, get MAXimizr, an AIR app we built for those who aren’t able to be in SF. Flash Platform – Umbrella [...]

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AS3 Tutorial – Bitmap Based Preloader

Our resident Senior Flash developer, Kingston, has written a detailed tutorial on how to create a preloader while also applying knowledge of BitmapData and Tween classes. Kingston has taught Flash at various technical institutes so he understands how to transfer his knowledge in a way that’s easy to understand.View the final preloaderDownload the tutorial files

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