Mobile Apps & Games

We are experienced with development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7 platforms, using both native development tools as well as frameworks such as Corona SDK, Cocos2D and more.


We have built both HTML & Javascript based games and applications and utilize frameworks such as jQuery to get the job done.


With years of experience building Flash based applications, we continue to develop Flash and Flex based apps where appropriate.


Philter Design Studios Inc. has been involved in bringing interactive content to the masses since 2001.  Starting out with a Flash design/development focus, over the years, this has evolved into development of interactive content using Flash, Adobe AIR, Silverlight and HTML5 for the web.

More recently, we have been involved in the development of apps for mobile devices including iPhone/iPad, Windows Phone 7, and Android platforms, deploying both native apps and apps using the Adobe AIR runtime.

In addition to working with top-notch agencies such as gskinner.comArchetype and BLITZ, we have developed interactive experiences for large corporations, educational institutions, startups, and government.  Recent clients include Microsoft, Alberta Education, 911 Memorial Foundation, FOX, and

You can also find our old Flash based portfolio site here.

Philter Blog

On Learning to Code

There is some interesting discussion going on this morning on the topic of coding (i.e., programming computers) and whether the general populace should learn to do it. The discussion stems from this blog post by Jeff Atwood titled “Please Don’t Learn to Code.” Following that, a couple of rebuttals were posted by Sacha Greif (Please [...]

The REAL Reason Why People Won’t Pay for Apps

If you’re an app developer, it’s no secret that figuring out how to get people to open up their wallets to your $0.99 app is the holy grail of app development. There was a cartoon that ran on the Oatmeal a while back that hit the nail on the head.   Developers are learning that [...]

Some Numbers on the Top Grossing Games in the App Store

As I mentioned in my previous article, getting to the top of the App Store charts is one thing, but translating that into a money maker is entirely another. For most developers, the Top Grossing app chart is that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Seemingly out of reach, yet potentially attainable [...]


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